20 train cars derailed in Pittsburg

20 train cars derailed in Pittsburg

PITTSBURG, Texas (KLTV) – According to Pittsburg Mayor David Abernathy, two trains derailed on Sunday in the area between CR 2110 and CR 2116 on Sunday.

Abernathy said two trains were coupled together at a length of over 13,000 feet long.  Two locomotives were in front, one in middle and one at rear of the train.

The train derailed in two different sites, Abernathy said, and the cause is unknown. A total of twenty cars derailed; 12 at the first site and eight at the second. Three are upright and just off of the rails and 17 are in various stages, he said.

Abernathy also said, “From what I saw, the derailed cars are flat cars, box cars and car haulers (with automobiles inside).  The tracks at both locations are heavily damaged and will require rebuilding bed, cross ties and rails.”

Abernathy added that both sites are in a remote location between CR 2110 and CR 2116. Union Pacific Railroad reps have flown to the site and repair crews are on site and en route. 

“A good thing is that they have locomotives on both ends of the train and can move the intact cars to sidings to gain access to the sites with repair crews,” Abernathy said.  “Swamp, creek and deep gullies will hamper ground access.”

We have a reporter headed to the scene.

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