2021 Toyota Tacoma Vs. 2022 Nissan Frontier

2021 Toyota Tacoma Vs. 2022 Nissan Frontier

Whenever one test truck closely resembles another in style and price, it’s fun to put ‘em up against each other, tire for tire, as we do here with Toyota’s 2021 Tacoma and Nissan’s 2022 Frontier.

We punished each, back to back, for 7 days. Each took us to the store, to the city, to the mountains and up the block. Here’s who won and lost.

EXTERIOR: Frontier

The Frontier recieved its first major update in over 15 years and now possesses a compact ferocity and gorgeousness. The Tacoma, due for a refresh in 2023, will get a oil-spring rear suspension, a new engine, and looks inspired by the Tundra full-size truck. But for now, here we are.

INTERIOR: Frontier

Again, the Frontier gets a refresh, meaning things are more comfy, onboard software simpler to use, there are more storage nooks and there is lots of atmosphere, particularly at night. The Tacoma is more utilitarian – and there’s nothing wrong with that. The Frontier is just a little more elaborate and polished, and naturally seems more up-to-date.

POWER: Frontier

The Frontier has a 3.8L, V6, 310 HP engine making 281 lb-ft of torque. It felt mighty-mighty whether on the highway or rolling in the neighborhood, providing lots of control, lots of power and that ruff-tuff pickup flavor you want and pay for. The Tacoma also has a V6 but never produced the explosiveness of its rival.

PRICE: Tacoma

Their starting prices are incredibly close, with the Tacoma beginning at $27,330 and ending up at $41,193 with all options. The Frontier begins at $29,440 and winds up at $46,965. The Tacoma also has a particularly good resale value. That’s been true since it first appeared in 1995.

TOWING: Tacoma

This was suprising – but the Tacoma won by a nose. The truck, when equipped with its basic 4-cylinder engine, can tow a total of 3500 lbs. with a Payload capacity of 1620 lbs. But equip it with its 3.5-liter V6 making 278 hp @ 6000 rpm, you’ve got a payload capacity of 6800 lbs – that’s 80 pounds more than the Frontier’s listed ability. A rear load-leveling air suspension, two tow/haul modes, Trailer Back Guidance, and multiple high-definition rear and side camera angles come standard on the Tacoma Platinum.

SAFETY: They’re both pretty safe.

Both models offer advanced safety features including front and side airbags, ABS braking, lane departure warning, automatic highbeams and so much more. No matter which you decide on, you’re covered by the very latest in safety tech.

The winner? Frontier. But wait ‘til next year!

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