Audi's Top Lawyer Says Don't Expect To Sleep In Autonomous Cars

Audi’s Top Lawyer Says Don’t Expect To Sleep In Autonomous Cars

Life in the countryside will be a bit different, though, with Klawitter noting country dwellers will still drive their own vehicles. But that’s not to say autonomous technology won’t benefit more isolated areas. “Like in the city, autonomously driven people movers will expand mobility solutions and thereby offer better access to infrastructure, like shopping opportunities, for example.”

But the biggest challenge comes from the technology itself. Not only does the automated driving system need to be smooth and efficient but, most importantly, safe. “Only then – and this is the second challenge – will it gain social acceptance and the corresponding trust.” But there’s a third challenge that needs solving.

Klawitter says regulations surrounding the technology need to be harmonized, at least at a European level for now. If not, the use of these vehicles across national borders will remain limited, bringing up numerous complexities.