Autocar magazine 8-15 December double issue: on sale now

Autocar magazine 8-15 December double issue: on sale now

We’ve also driven the new Ford Mustang Mach-E GT, the hot version of Ford’s EV SUV, as well as the McLaren 765LT Spider, the Woking brand’s fastest convertible ever.

This issue’s in-depth road test is slightly different – we’ve tested the RAF’s heavy-lift helicopter, the iconic Chinook. 


To kick off our stocking’s worth of festive features, our road test team headed out for their annual Christmas lunch, with a twist – everyone’s had to bring a car for someone else.

Are you looking for a go-anywhere truck that’s shorter than a VW Polo? Then Piers Ward has found the perfect vehicle for you – the Canadian-built Fat Truck. We also deliver presents in an electric van, to see if the UK’s driver network is ready to make the switch to EVs.

Ford has created a mind-blowing amount of excellent cars over the years. However, many cars never even made it to the concept phase – James Attwood walks us through some of the most interesting cars that never saw the light day.

Next, our man Andrew Frankel got behind the wheel of The Little Car Company’s Ferrari 250 Testarossa – a 75% scale, electric-powered replica of Ferrari’s classic road-racer.