Autocar's 2021 Christmas quiz | Autocar

Autocar’s 2021 Christmas quiz | Autocar

11) Where and in what year did TIm Birkin record his only crash in a Bentley?

12) What was the first car in the line of fast, four-wheel-drive, special performance Golf hatchbacks that lead to the R?

13) What was the first body component designed by ex-Jaguar design boss Ian Callum, and what vehicle was it for? 

14) The Ferrari SF90 Stradale became the first car to go under five seconds from rest to 100mph in an Autocar road test this year. Only one other car has ever come close. What was it, and exactly how close did it come?

15) How many cars was Nicholas Cage tasked with stealing in Gone In 60 Seconds? 

16) What was the Aston Martin Victor’s development code name?

17) Out of 28 cars built, how many McLaren F1 GTRs were never raced in period?

18) What was the name of Penelope Pitstop’s car in Wacky Races?

19) How did the underweight Porsche 935 “Baby” meet the DRM championship’s minimum weight requirements without alerting its competitors to its lightness?

20) What was the first Ferrari road car to feature independent rear suspension?

Answers 11) 1930 TT at Ards 12) VW Rallye Golf 13) Door mirror for 1986 Ford Transit mkII 14) Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, 5.0sec 15) Fifty 16) Muncher 17) Two 18) The Compact Pussycat 19) The hollow aluminium chassis was filled with molten lead 20) Ferrari 275 series