Bangernomics best buys: Mini Clubman

Bangernomics best buys: Mini Clubman

2010 Mini Clubman 1.6 One 107,000 miles, £3450: This car is in base trim yet has a decent specification, thanks to optional alloys, cruise control and all the expected media stuff. It comes with a service history and a full MOT from a dealer.

Or try this…

2009 Peugeot 308 SW 1.6 VTi 94,000 miles, £1999: Here’s a proper estate with all the doors on the same side. It’s a petrol so ULEZ-friendly. There’s not much detail in the ad, but it’s a bargain buy compared with a premium Clubman.

Idol fancy

Nissan 350Z, 2003-2009: Here’s the return of the brutish sports car (not a spelling mistake). The Nissan 350Z was effectively the ‘big Healey’ reborn for the 21st century, except much more reliable and considerably safer. 

It’s quite an old piece of kit now, dating all the way back to 2003, and it existed prior to that in the US and Japan, so you can even get an earlier import. The majority have the GT Pack, meaning cruise control, heated seats and a better hi-fi from Bose. Forged 18in alloy wheels were also a popular option.

The 350Z was given a light restyling in 2006, then from 2007 is the last price-point change, as these cars are arguably the best of the lot. The V6 was uprated to become the 309bhp ‘HR’ and overall weight was reduced thanks to a revised steering box.