Bangernomics best buys: Skoda Superb

Bangernomics best buys: Skoda Superb

The Fusion was essentially a Mk5 Fiesta on stilts, making it more practical. Its core buying group therefore turned out to be the hip-replacement generation, rather than the hip generation.

Both the 1.4-litre and 1.6-litre petrols are strong performers and good for 40mpg-plus, and the diesels will return more than 60mpg.

It’s best to aim for 2 trim, as this gets you air conditioning, electric front windows and a CD player, whereas 1 includes little more than ABS brakes and 3 adds only alloy wheels and an alarm.

Ideally buy from an OAP who has looked after it. A Fusion will often be in better nick than an equivalentyear Fiesta. Check when the timing belts have been changed on a diesel and the Durashift automatic gearbox can fail, so ensure it works smoothly.

2006 Ford Fusion 1.4 Style Climate, 58,000 miles, £2000: There are several ultra-low-mileage Fusions out there, which isn’t always a good thing. This one is a marginal miler for the year but more credible and has records of recent work, including a new timing belt and water pump plus a year’s worth of MOT. The clue is the name, but this Fusion spoils you with climate control.

Reader’s corner – Find out what a car is really worth

Price guides don’t always work in a car seller’s favour. Ahead of book, behind book and all of that nonsense talk – what we actually need is accuracy. I spoke to Brego about its new system to help dealers and also a service to buyers, which starts at £9.99 and includes pricing and other information for cars that are as weird as TVRs.