Bill would no longer require Georgia State Patrol cars to have mounted roof lights

Bill would no longer require Georgia State Patrol cars to have mounted roof lights

A bill that recently passed in the Georgia House would no longer require Georgia State Patrol vehicles to have cars with revolving blue lights on the roof. 

New language in the Georgia law would remove the restriction that Georgia State Patrol vehicles are required to have lights mounted on the top of their vehicles. Currently, traffic enforcement officers are required to place a light on top of their car if it’s not already equipped, but Georgia State Patrol cars would be an exception under the new bill.

The bill with amended language reads in part:

“This Code section shall not apply to vehicles of the Georgia State Patrol or of a sheriff’s office or police department which office or police department provides law enforcement services by certified peace officers 24 hours a day, seven days a week where the vehicles are marked … with flashing or revolving lights, primarily blue in color, visible under normal atmospheric conditions for a distance of 500 feet from the front and rear of such vehicles, and which also has an have illuminating agency identifiers reasonably visible to a driver of a vehicle subject to a traffic stop.”

The bill changes the current Georgia law, which restricts Georgia State Patrols posts to up to two vehicles without exterior mounted roof lights. Sheriff’s offices and police departments are still limited to one vehicle without exterior mounted roof lights. 

House Bill 1146 passed in the House on Tuesday 105-55 with four representatives not voting and 16 excused. 

The bill was sponsored by Republican Reps. Jodi Lott, J Collins, Bill Hitchens, Eddie Lumsden and Lauren McDonald.