British Psychopaths Prefer BMW And Audi, Controversial Study Suggests

British Psychopaths Prefer BMW And Audi, Controversial Study Suggests

Psychopaths in the United Kingdom are more likely to drive Audis and BMWs than any other brand, a controversial survey has suggested.

The research, conducted on behalf of Britain’s Scrap Car Comparison website, found BMW owners topped the ratings on psychopathic tendencies, nearly doubling the industry average.

The study asked 2000 UK car owners to fill in a 12-point questionnaire, which used a 36-point scale to rank their psychopathic tendencies.

The industry average settled at 6.6, but BMW drivers peaked at 12.1, with Audi close behind at 11.7, while the next highest-scoring brand (Fiat) was down at 7.0.

Mercedes-Benz confirmed its more conservative reputation, coming in with a score of 5.9 to rank seventh on the list of 20 brands.

The lowest-ranking brands sold in the US were Toyota and Kia, with drivers owning cars from Volkswagen’s Czech offshoot Skoda being the calmest of them all, with an average score of 3.2.

“The phrase “driving like a psycho” might refer to someone driving dangerously, but are some drivers more psychopathic than others?” the website asked.

“And do people really share characteristics with others who drive the same car brand as them? Are some of these reputations valid?”

In a turnaround from their progressive image, electric vehicle (EV) owners ranked higher than those in combustion cars.

“The findings suggest that these drivers may be more likely to exhibit psychopathic traits such as superficial charm, grandiose sense of self-worth and a lack of remorse or guilt,” the website insisted.