Butler police add defibrillators to patrol cars

Butler police add defibrillators to patrol cars

BUTLER, Ala. (WTOK) – The town of Butler just purchased 14 Automated External Defibrillator. The 14 Stryker Heartsine AEDs were purchased using money from the American Rescue Plan. The total cost was $19,000.

“We feel like we are well covered. We’ve already had one for the storm shelter, so all of our Public facilities will have AEDs,” Butler Mayor Mike Williams said.

An AED is a portable device that can deliver an electric shock to someone’s heart through their chest. This can essentially reset the heart in the event of a cardiac arrest. Town officials agree that having an AED in every patrol car is essential.

“In a cardiac situation, three minutes is very important,” Butler Police Chief Jimmy Huckeba said. “That first three minutes a lot times determines the life or death of the person. If we can get there and get this on them, then hopefully it will help our public have a better chance to survive.”

According to the American Heart Association, in one year alone, 475,000 Americans die from a cardiac arrest. Nearly 75 percent of those occur outside of the hospital each year.

Studies with immediate defibrillation have shown up to 60 percent survival one year after sudden cardiac arrest.

The problem is that many places don’t have AEDs. The American Heart Association said half of US workers cannot locate an AED at work, much less have the training to use one. However, AEDs have improved over the years. An automated will takes you through the process.

“For a long time we had been hoping to get these in the police cars we just didn’t have the funds,” Ron Mason, Councilman Town of Butler said. “When extra rescue dollars became available we thought it was a great way to spend it and help save lives here.”

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