Buy them before we do: second hand picks for 17 December

Buy them before we do: second hand picks for 17 December

“I want a commercial vehicle for £10k – one I can use with family at weekends.”

Citroen H van, £9500, vs Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life, £7499

Oliver Young: This Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life is incredibly spacious and affordable. It can seat seven with a current-gen Golf’s worth of boot space remaining – all for well under budget. It can handle pretty much anything you throw at it. Moving flat? Sure. Family holiday? Of course. And with its economical 1.9-litre diesel engine and strong, reliable reputation, running costs shouldn’t break the bank, either. That’s game, set and match, isn’t it, Mark?

Mark Pearson: Well, it depends. You see, your Caddy is all very well in its modern, simplistic and slightly dull sort of way but just look at my classic bolide! It’s one of the most stylish and radical and likeable of all vans ever made anywhere, ever – the incomparable H van. There is no finer-looking vehicle, for starters, and when you add in its amazing practicality (a thousand pop-up mobile food outlets will concur here) and, in my 1982 specimen, its family-friendly interior, I think I’ve just put a cross-hand forecourt backhand down the line for match point. 

OY: Wow, quite the oddball choice you’ve got there. A little on the cheap side for such a classic, don’t you think? Hope it’s reliable. It certainly won’t be on the same level as my capable 2010 Caddy, of course. It’s all well and good owning a quirky old Citroën, but it’s a bit tiny and won’t handle all that’s thrown at it like this VW.