Buy them before we do: second hand pics for 10 December

Buy them before we do: second hand pics for 10 December

Volkswagen Scirocco R, £15,789: Get behind the wheel of the R variant and you will discover just how great the Scirocco is. It’s destined to be a classic thanks to a combination of its rakish coupé styling and the Golf R’s 276bhp 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo petrol engine. When it was new, we praised the Scirocco R for its all-round dynamics and decent practicality, as well as its impressive haul of kit, which included leather, heated sports seats, adaptive sports suspension, sat-nav, a DAB radio and dual-zone climate control. We found an 81,000-mile pre-facelift 2015 car up for £15,789.

Clash of the classifieds

Citroen 2CV6, £6950, vs Mazda MX-5 1.8 Sport, £4995

Oliver Young: Mazda MX-5s are modern-day tinkering legends. A naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine and rear-wheel drive: the back-to-basics sports car formula. This particular one is a 146bhp 1.8-litre Sport from 2004, and it’s already quite the performer. However, there’s a variety of options to explore if you want to increase its power, reduce its weight and/or improve its handling. And because it’s rather simple and easy to work on, you don’t have to be an expert engineer to achieve amazing results. What do you think, Mark?

Mark Pearson: I think you’ve gone way too complex, Oliver. James is after something he can fix at the roadside, tinker with for pleasure and bore the pants off every other person for miles around with tales of long and unlikely journeys and derring-do, and nothing is more perfect for all of that DIY-type stuff than the remarkable Citroën 2CV. This appreciating classic will bring a smile to his and everyone else’s face, and that wonderful and humble flat twin can be taken apart on his kitchen table.