Cupra Formentor 2021 long-term review

Cupra Formentor 2021 long-term review

This, to me, just seems the wrong place for a starter button. I mean, this isn’t a Lamborghini. And while I find other Volkswagen Group cars a cinch to just get into and drive, the Formentor’s alternative layout makes it that bit less intuitive and – only occasionally – a bit frustrating.

The other button located just off the steering boss is the car’s driving mode selector, which I’ve been fiddling with aplenty. Our test car has Cupra’s adaptive dampers, so it’s worthwhile experimenting to find a profile that you like.

I rarely use Cupra, the car’s sportiest mode, for a few reasons. On the back roads near where I live, it makes the car feel a bit frantic and bouncy, and while it can be kind of exciting set up like that, it’s more often annoying.

Like Cupra, Sport mode introduces a lot of fake engine noise into the driving experience, which is another personal bugbear. So I’ve configured my own combination of preferences for everything from engine sound to gearbox setting in the Formentor’s Individual mode: dampers set to maximum soft and engine noise set to quiet, but sporty settings for most other things.

Thus configured, I’m enjoying putting some miles on the car. It feels lower, lighter and sportier than my last long-termer (a Suzuki Across), albeit a bit less versatile and mature. I’m used to the seats now and find them comfortable over distance.

I’ve even found a colour I like for the ambient lighting in the cabin: a bronzey gold that matches the car’s decorative interior trim.

Mileage: 3394

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Life with a Cupra Formentor: Month 1

A comfortable ride – 8 September 2021

After some adjusting from the instantly comfortable seats in my previous long-termer, the Suzuki Across, I am pleased to report that I’m finding my back no longer hurts after long journeys in the much sportier Formentor. I recently went for a short drive with my partner and his family, and they also approved of the lovely blue seats.