Discover the New Cars Australians Can Expect to See in 2022

Discover the New Cars Australians Can Expect to See in 2022

For motorists interested in purchasing a new model electric vehicle, Positive Lending Solutions reports that they will be able to get their hands on a Tesla Model Y sometime during the first half of 2022. This SUV-style vehicle is equipped with a 62.28kWh battery pack – or, for the Long Range variant, the vehicle comes with an 82.8kWh battery, which sees the vehicle through approximately 505 kilometres.

One of Australia’s favourite utes, the Ford Ranger, is due to arrive in Q2 of 2022, says Positive Lending Solutions. This new model was designed, engineered and tested primarily in Australia over the previous few years.

Coming later in the year is the new Toyota Corolla Cross. This hatchback SUV features a 1.8-litre non-turbo petrol engine that is available with a hybrid system. The vehicle is also available in a GR (Gazoo Racing) version, a motorsport adaptation of the conservative Corolla Cross.

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