‘Don’t be this guy:’ State police call-out drivers over snow-covered cars

‘Don’t be this guy:’ State police call-out drivers over snow-covered cars


State police tweeted a video of a motorist they pulled over due to a surplus of snow on their vehicle’s roof.

This screenshot was taken from a Massachusetts State Police video showing a car with a thick layer of snow on its roof.

As Massachusetts dealt with yet another harrowing snow-covered commute, state police urged drivers to put those scrapers to use.

State police on Friday shared a traffic stop video showing a car they pulled over because its roof was covered with snow. They shared a message, too.

The tweet’s caption read: “And of course, we have these drivers. This guy was stopped because he is [a] danger to other motorists behind him. Don’t be this guy.” 

In the video, a trooper delivers another message, saying: “This is a reminder from your friends at Troop H. Please clean off your cars. You can see this individual has over a foot of snow on his vehicle. He’s going to stop short and it’s going to all cover up the front of his windshield and he’s going to get into a car accident.”

According to Massachusetts state law, motorists must clean snow off their cars before hitting the roads. Drivers can get hit with a $40 ticket for driving with windows that are obstructed by ice or snow. Police can also ticket motorists $200 for driving with heavy sheets of snow or ice on a car’s roof.

The state police’s tweet followed several others showcasing more serious snow-related trooper responses, including a jackknifed tractor-trailer on Fall River’s Braga Bridge and a Mass Pike rollover. The snow-car video got most of the attention, though, racking up more than 61,000 views since 10 a.m., and tons of likes and retweets. 

The comments were ripe with opinions. One Twitter user called the post unprofessional and urged police to “be better.” 

To that, another person replied, “Be better and do what’s friggin right and clean off your damn car. It’s as simple as that.”