Crash near Leon Valley caused by driver of stolen car, police say

Driver in stolen vehicle hits two cars near Leon Valley

The suspect turned out to not be the person police were pursuing in a separate robbery incident near Leon Valley, but the man was driving a stolen car, too.

SAN ANTONIO — An innocent elderly woman was injured in a crash caused by a driver in a stolen vehicle early Wednesday morning, police said. The suspect turned out to not be the person police were pursuing in a separate incident involving a car robbery near Leon Valley.

The woman was taken to the hospital in stable condition around 4:20 a.m. after being hit at the intersection of Timberhill and Grissom Road, slightly west of Leon Valley. Another car was also hit.

Initially, the San Antonio Police Department received a call for a robbery south of there at Timberhill and Brookvale.

That’s where police said a man told them someone in a black Camry hit his Camaro from behind. When the man got out to inspect the damage, three men in the Camry pulled out weapons and demanded his vehicle. One of them got into his Camaro and drove off and the rest took off in the Camry.

SAPD placed an alert for officers in the area to keep an eye out for the vehicle description matching a black Camry. About 15 minutes later, an officer spotted a black vehicle matching the description driving on Timberhill, less than one mile from the incident location.

That driver in the black vehicle noticed a few officers behind him and sped up passing a stoplight, then hitting two vehicles in the process at the intersection of Timberhill and Grissom Road.

Officers said that the man in this black vehicle was not related to the robbery of the Camaro, but it was in fact stolen. The suspect was also transported as he complained of leg and rib pain. A third victim was evaluated on the scene and released.

The man is facing charges related to the theft of the vehicle and reckless driving.

If you have any information about the robbery of the Camaro, you’re asked to call SAPD.