Ducati’s Bespoke ‘Unica’ Program Crafts One-Off Bikes For Serious Enthusiasts

Ducati’s Bespoke ‘Unica’ Program Crafts One-Off Bikes For Serious Enthusiasts

Italian motorcycle icon Ducati makes a wide, wide range of motorcycles, from affordable urban slicers like the $12,000 Scrambler series to time-and-space-compressing $30,000 Panigale V4 superbikes that will humble just about any supercar – if you have the courage to explore the limits of their jaw-dropping performance capabilities. But Ducati motorcycles are about more than just performance; they make some of the most stylish motorcycles on the market, and if the stock look and going really fast doesn’t tick all the boxes for a Ducati owner, the company is now offering a customization program called Unica that will allow owners to spice up their new machine direct from the factory.

The Unica program is extremely limited – and likely very expensive – with the company saying in a press release that it will produce just one Unica motorcycle per quarter – or four per year – starting in 2023. Ducati says each bike from the Unica program will be unique as there won’t be any duplications of any owner’s design choices.

Can Unica bike owners specify whitewall tires, sissy bars and saddlebags for their Panigale? Not really. Ducati says owners will work directly with Centro Stile design personnel to customize their bikes “in compliance with the stylistic criteria” and using Ducati parts, and the first Unica bike apparently received custom paint, but no other changes were specified. Ducati has been showing off the first Unica bike, starting with a reveal at a recent Ducati event in California.

Not that the first Unica machine needed any special parts, seeing how it’s a Superleggera V4, a limited-production high-performance model based closely on Ducati’s multi-million dollar racing motorcycles. The Superleggera V4 cost about $70,000 when released in 2020 and only 500 were made. All 500 were quickly sold. Owner Dave Enders, whom Ducati said in a press release owns a number of high-end Ducati motorcycles, was the first to experience the Unica program and had his Superleggera painted to match his blue Lamborghini Aventador SVJ (above). Enders’ bike is the last Superleggera V4 made, number 500.

The Superleggera (”superlight” – it weighs only 355 pounds) is a very highly specialized machine, with a carbon-fiber monocoque-style frame unique to the Superleggera and a near race-spec motor that makes over 230 horsepower and can propel the bike over the 200mph mark in track trim. Motorcycles can get a little light at such velocities, so the Superleggera has a quad set of wind-tunnel designed “winglets” up front that provide downforce and better traction as speed builds. The Superleggera is also produced as a street-legal motorcycle from the factory with headlights, mirrors, turns signals and such as well as sophisticated electronics and ride modes that allow it to be configured for both street riding and track duty. The (only) stock color is Ducati’s familiar red scheme with white trim bits. It seats one person – no passengers. And it does look very good in Lambo Blue.

No prices were given for the Unica program as each bike will be unique, and customers will be well-cared for. “Each stage of the creation of the bike will be documented and will see the involvement of enthusiasts (owners), from the first sketches to the photos of delivery. With the support of Ducati professionals, the customization process will be outlined, defining every detail: precious materials, dedicated finishes, special colors and Ducati Performance accessories,” the company explained in a press release.

Again, the Ducati Unica program doesn’t begin until 2023 but prospective owners may want to contact Ducati sooner than later if interested.