Electric bike FAQs: Everything you want to know about e-bikes

Electric bike FAQs: Everything you want to know about e-bikes

Do I need insurance to ride my e-bike?

No. As they are classed as bicycles, you are under no obligation to insure them. You may, however, want to consider it if it cost you a lot and you’re worried about theft. Specialist bike insurers will cover your bike away from home, but you’ll need to check with your home insurer to see if they offer the same coverage. 

What’s the legal max speed of an e-bike in the UK?

The e-bike motor is legally only able to provide assistance up to 15.5mph or 25km/h. You can, however, go faster with some good old fashioned pedalling. 

What is ‘chipping’ and can I legally do it to my e-bike?

Chipping is essentially removing the pedal assistance limiter on your bike. By removing the limiter, the bike motor will be able to assist at speeds higher than before, i.e. above 15.5mph. The laws in place state an e-bike motor can only assist up to a maximum speed of 15.5mph. The bike can travel faster than this but it must be under your own steam. By removing this limiter you’ll be pushing it into S-Pedelec territory where it will require licensing and insurance.  Additionally, while it might be appealing to want to make your bike travel at 30mph without much effort, it can negatively impact the motor as they are designed to be used at regulated speeds.