Electric Skootr Championship: MotoGP meets e-scooters?

Electric Skootr Championship: MotoGP meets e-scooters?

Who will be riding in the Electric Skootr Championship?

For the first two seasons racers will all be professional athletes from other sports, most likely crossing over from other motorsports such as MotoGP or Formula E, or from extreme sports such as BMX or skating.

The theory is that by having athletes already used to high-adrenaline and fast-paced racing it will allow the organisers time to review performance and safety areas first before opening entries up to other participants.

“Testing has shown us that having the crossover of athletes from different racing backgrounds has helped us learn faster,” says Sarkissian. “They all have a number of transferable skills, but also different skill sets. That means a rider coming from motorcycle racing, for instance, is picking up techniques from someone coming in from a snowboarding background and vice versa.” 

The events will be gender neutral, with men and women racing together.

A draft for riders will be made in January 2022, with the identities of the first riders being released shortly.

From 2023 a grassroots eco-system will be introduced in order to try and create ‘junior’ categories from which new talent can emerge.

Sarkissian says the intention is for the championship to be one of the most accessible motorsport categories ever created: “‘We want a sport that’s available to a large demographic. If you look at F1 it’s a rich person’s sport, but we want to create a sports that’s accessible and affordable to all.”