Every new Porsche 911 version coming soon

Every new Porsche 911 version coming soon


Lamborghini is readying a jacked-up, rugged version of the Huracán but it won’t be alone in combining supercar pace with off-road capability because Porsche is believed to be preparing a similarly positioned version of the 911.

Riding significantly higher than the standard car, this 911 variant is expected to take either the ‘Safari’ or ‘Dakar’ name into (most likely limited) production, in a nod to the rally-ready 911s that Porsche historically entered in the world’s most extreme rally events.


The extremely collectable, retro-inspired Sport Classic version of the 997-generation 911 sold out in the 48 hours following its unveiling in 2009 and you could pay around £300,000 for one of the 250 examples of it today.

Reviving the concept for the current generation, Porsche will once again deploy a 1970s-inspired ducktail spoiler and flares, and it could reimagine the original 911’s characteristic Fuchs alloys for a modern audience.