Kris Holt

Extreme H is an upcoming off-road racing series with hydrogen cars

An off-road racing series that uses hydrogen cars is to debut in 2024. Extreme H will be a companion championship to , an off-road motorsport with electric vehicles that . The two series will hold races in the same locations on the same days using the same format. According to Alejandro Agag, who also founded , organizers are looking at two options for hydrogen integration: combined racing or full transition.

Development on the Extreme H car is underway and there are plans to have a prototype ready by early 2023. The vehicle will have the same powertrain and chassis that’s . The main difference is that the central power source will be a hydrogen fuel cell instead of a battery.

Extreme H organizers say that the fuel cells will be powered by green hydrogen, which combines water and solar energy. Extreme E uses the same process to power EV batteries, while the paddock runs on a combination of batteries and green hydrogen.

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