Family of man whose car was run off I-90 overpass wants public’s help to find hit and skip driver

Family of man whose car was run off I-90 overpass wants public’s help to find hit and skip driver

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – Cleveland Police Accident Investigators need your help to find the hit and run driver who sent another car off an overpass nearly one month ago.

For the victim’s family frustration is mounting because they feel investigators aren’t doing enough to solve the case.

Randi Schofield is victim Keith Schofield’s oldest daughter, “I just feel like a lot more could have been done to help find the person who hit my dad, and they’re not doing anything to help us.”

It was on January 20th at about 8:00 PM when the car of youth basketball coach Keith Schofield was slammed into by a speeding car that attempted to pass him on Interstate 90 East, after that car hit a patch of ice and lost control.

Schofield’s vehicle then hit a snowbank and flipped off the overpass, down to West 98th Street.

The hit and run driver never stopped to check on Schofield who was critically injured and trapped in his car.

After a lengthy stay in the hospital, Schofield is now in rehab, for now unable to walk on his own.

His daughter Randi tells 19 News, “My biggest complaint is about what police haven’t done. How they haven’t communicated with us – how they told us the case would be assigned to a detective, but was never assigned.”

So, 19 News contacted Cleveland Police to find out if there are any leads in the case and what has been done as far as an investigation, police say in part:

“As with many hit skip cases we have very few leads to work with as is the case with this crash. We did obtain ODOT video that confirmed it was a hit skip crash but ODOT cameras will not be able to give us a license plate. This is still an open investigation with hopes that we receive a tip to lead us to a possible suspect vehicle or suspect driver.”

Schofield’s daughter even recovered a bumper on the freeway the day after the crash, hoping it could provide a clue to the hit and run suspect, but when she turned it over to police they were not so sure,

“They said they weren’t confident that those were the pieces from the car that hit my father, and they said quote, ‘they didn’t want to go down the wrong rabbit hole.’ And where I am, they have gone down no rabbit hole. They’ve gone nowhere,” Randi Schofield said.

ODOT video shows there were other cars traveling I-90 East near West 98th at around 8:00 PM on the 20th.

The family is joining police in urging anyone with information on the description of the car or the suspect to do the right thing and come forward.

Callers can remain anonymous.

Randi Schofield says, “I want an example to be made out of them so that this doesn’t happen again.”

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