First Bentley EV set to replace Mulsanne as firm's range topper

First Bentley EV set to replace Mulsanne as firm’s range topper

However, he stressed that many familiar Bentley qualities, particularly in terms of interior design and the overall luxury-focused driving experience, would still apply: “In terms of the effort we go to in order to choose the materials, the way we design them and the way they go together for an overall aesthetic, as well as the comfort and the features that we apply in our vehicles, we do believe we stand apart,” he said. “We will take another leap forward when it comes to electric vehicles.”

Hallmark also suggested that Bentley was looking at alternative methods for charging its cars, including induction charging or automated systems that hook up to the car without the need to be manually plugged in.

“The first thing to acknowledge is that most of our owners will live in houses where the can charge at home, so the restrictions of public charging are unlikely to apply,” he said. “We’re working with partners to look at higher-powered charging solutions, and hands-free solutions, whether that’s inductive or robotic. They can be done without huge cost and can remove some of the hassle.

“Five years ago the efficiency of inductive charging was so low that most people gave up on the idea of it. Now we know that, so long as you can be very precise, you can get to 90-95% of the efficiency of a plug, so that’s interesting, especially if it’s linked to autonomous parking to guide it into position.”