Four-car crash injures three, including Jefferson Parish deputy

‘A split-second’: Four-car crash injures three, including Jefferson Parish deputy

Three people, including a Jefferson Parish sheriff’s deputy, are recovering from injuries sustained in a four-car wreck Monday morning near Elmwood Shopping Center.It started just after 10 a.m. Monday on South Clearview Parkway. A driver suffered a medical episode that caused him to lose control of his black Mercedes-Benz SUV. He rear-ended a deputy’s patrol car before hitting two other vehicles.”It was just all a split-second,” said Beverly Bahle, who had just left a spin class before the driver hit her Subaru. “I don’t know if he was already airborne before, or if my car made him go airborne, but he was airborne when he kept going.”The collision sent traffic signals and street signs crashing down. An uprooted fire hydrant drenched the intersection with water. For much of the day, the busy thoroughfare resembled a trail of downed poles, lights and car parts.Traffic flows returned to normal by noon, but it took another couple of hours to collect most of the debris. Crews were still tending to the downed hydrant at the scene Monday evening.The deputy broke his hand in the crash, while an injured passenger of one of the cars sustained minor injuries. Both were released from the hospital within hours.A Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesman says the driver who hit the vehicles remains hospitalized, as of Monday night. The spokesman did not disclose the nature of the driver’s medical episode.As for Bahle, she walked from the scene physically unhurt — but emotionally distraught. She says, had her car been any closer to the intersection, the airborne Mercedes may have fallen on her windshield.”Someone said, ‘You’re lucky,'” Bahle told WDSU at the scene. “I’m not lucky. It was the grace of God. That’s all I can say. I just give him the credit.”

A crash Monday morning injured several people in Harahan.

According to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, the crash happened in the 1100 block of Clearview Parkway.

There is a traffic signal down and a fire hydrant is damaged, according to JPSO.

JPSO said it will take time to clear the damage and the roadway will be affected for some time.

JPSO did not provide a timeframe on when the road would reopen.

Drivers are asked to avoid the area and take alternate routes to their destinations.

According to the sheriff, a JPSO patrol vehicle was rear-ended and forced across the median.

Multiple individuals have been injured and transported to local hospitals for treatment, according to JPSO.

JPSO did not say specifically how many people were injured.

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