From the boardroom: Seat Mo's move into micro-mobility

From the boardroom: Seat Mo’s move into micro-mobility

“There’s also the issue of the single door in the front to get into the back seat, which is more complicated for elderly people, so this is another reason why this concept is not ideal.”

“Then you have the Citroën Ami, which is a very good concept that’s appealing to young customers, but then you can’t park in a motorcycle space, so both these cars have pros and cons.

“We keep investigating which might be the ideal concept for us. It has taken us a bit longer to come to the market with a final proposition, because both concepts have pros and cons.

“Since we just have one chance to do it right, we’re analysing in detail the customer needs of the young generations.”

Why is Seat offering a subscription based service?

Seat is merging its products and services to give its customers more flexibility, said Casanovas, highlighting that time-poor customers want the most seamless service possible.

“In France, for €250 [£212] per month, you can have a Seat Ibiza car plus the electric scooter plus our kick e-scooter together in one pack.

“Our idea is that for the weekend you need the car, but to go to the gym, you may need only the motorcycle, and then for your kids to go to school just the e-scooter.