Greatest road tests ever: Alpine A610

Greatest road tests ever: Alpine A610

Tested 29.4.92

Featuring 80% new parts, the Alpine A610 was a lower, wider and more powerful evolution of the low-selling GTA. The rear-mounted V6 grew from 2.5 to 3.0 litres and higher turbo pressure helped push maximum output by 50bhp

Keen throttle response (even at low revs) allowed the A610 to easily better the GTA for in-gear pace and top speed equated to 163mph on the flat. The engine was now smoother at high revs but lacked character and the gearbox wouldn’t be rushed. Brakes impressed, though.

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Improved weight distribution of 43% front, 57% rear, double wishbones all round and wider tracks meant the handling was friendlier than before and traction was breathtaking. Variable-ratio power steering offered ideal weighting, but there was less feel than in the GTA. The A610 had impressive body control and only sharp ridges disturbed the occupants.

The nicely designed cabin offered a good, adjustable driving position, but the foldable rear seats were small and there was no boot space whatsoever.

For: Supercar performance, handling, grip, basic kit