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He did the crimes: gunplay, crashing into cars during police chase. Now, man, 24, will do the time.

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Hassan Bility’s criminal resume includes gunplay on a West Brighton street, and a vehicular chase in which he slammed into parked cars in Elm Park.

On Monday, a four-year prison term was added to the list.

Bility, 24, of Mariners Harbor, was sentenced under plea agreements which resolved three cases against him.

The gun case stems from a July 11, 2020 episode in which the defendant was accused of firing multiple times at someone while other people were on the street.

The incident occurred at around 7:32 p.m. on the 600 block of Cary Avenue, said a criminal complaint.

Apparently no one was hit.

Bility was charged with attempted murder, attempted first-degree assault, criminal weapon possession, criminal firearm possession and reckless endangerment.

The defendant was free on $300,000 bond in that case, when, four months later, prosecutors allege he broke the law again.

On Nov. 2, 2020, Bility, who was driving a 2014 Ford Fusion, slammed into three parked cars in Elm Park while trying to race away from cops, allege authorities.

The pursuit unfolded when Bility zoomed off when officers tried to stop him for failing to stop at a red light at the intersection of Richmond Terrace and Morningstar Road, said a criminal complaint.

Bility barreled along at speeds between 60 and 70 mph, well over the posted 25 mph speed limit, the complaint said.

He blew through two stop signs and drove the wrong way on Granite Avenue before crashing into the other vehicles at around 1:30 p.m., allege police.

After the wreck, cops found oxycodone pills in Bility’s jacket pocket, said the complaint.

Officers also recovered a loaded 9 mm Ruger pistol inside the Ford, the complaint said.

Bility was charged with criminal weapon possession, criminal firearm possession, reckless endangerment, reckless driving, unlawfully fleeing a police officer, aggravated unlicensed vehicle operation and criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Bility was driving with a suspended license, the complaint said.

Teon Bagley, one of the vehicle’s occupants, was also charged with criminal weapon possession.

Two weeks ago, Bility resolved his cases.

He pleaded guilty in state Supreme Court, St. George, to second-degree criminal weapon possession in connection with the July 2020 case and to reckless endangerment to satisfy all charges in the November 2020 matter.

He also pleaded guilty to criminal mischief stemming from an unrelated incident on Feb. 4, 2020.

Afterward, Mark J. Fonte, Bility’s lawyer, denounced the scourge of firearms on city streets.

“I once again urge our youth to put down these handguns,” said Fonte. “This case demonstrates that possessing a weapon will either end in tragic death or a long prison sentence. Our youth are too precious to lose to the streets or to jail.”

He added: “I urge Staten Island’s youth to lead the way in ending this gun violence. Parents must ensure that our children put down the guns and pick up a book. Very bright futures are being wasted away.”

Besides four years behind bars, Bility was sentenced on Monday to four years’ post-release supervision to cover the three cases.

Bagley, meanwhile, resolved the charges against him last August.

He pleaded guilty then in state Supreme Court, St. George, to attempted second-degree criminal weapon possession in exchange for two years in prison and two years’ post-release supervision.

Afterward, John M. Murphy III, Bagley’s attorney, said the defendant was “eager to step up and do the right thing.”

Bagley was sentenced last Thursday.