Stock take: examining Tesla's universal EV Superchargers

How Tesla’s supercharger network is transforming for all EV owners

Other users pointed out that the UK statistics came even before Tesla’s huge tranche of registrations in December that pushed the Model 3 to become the UK’s second best-selling car overall for 2021, after the Vauxhall Corsa.

On the flipside to that, Tesla’s rollout of faster V3 Superchargers should reduce waiting times, at least for compatible cars.

The overall reliability and ease of use of the Supercharger network has been a big draw to Tesla for those put off by reports of the poor usability of the patchwork created by the UK’s myriad charger providers.

On the other hand, there’s no doubt that being allowed to tap into the premium experience offered by the Supercharger network would tempt in more than a few EV fence-sitters.

However, being asked to wave in the ‘muggles’, as owners of EVs from other brands have been snootily described by some Tesla users, could cause a bigger uproar than when Tesla removed the free charging benefit back in 2017.

How do you charge your non-Tesla EV at a Supercharger?

Any EV owner wanting to use these 10 trial Superchargers has to download the Tesla smartphone app, then select ‘charge your non-Tesla’. You have to add a payment method onto that app, but other than that, it should be seamless.

Your car has to be fitted with the combined charging system (CCS), so no Nissan Leafs with the Chademo system, for example, and you also have be based mainly in the Netherlands. You also pay more “to reflect additional costs incurred to support charging a broad range of vehicles”, according to Tesla, although paying for a charging membership will lower the per-kWh price of electricity.

Tesla owners still get it better, says the company, for example with “seamless integration” and preconditioning technology that better prepares the battery for charging.

The bulk of the trial Superchargers in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands are on the premises of hotels in the Van der Valk chain, suggesting that Tesla is also trialling extended commercial tie-ins, possibly aimed at boosting revenues for both Tesla and the site hosts.