How to specify a £500k Ferrari SF90 Spider

How to specify a £500k Ferrari SF90 Spider

‘Our’ car in detail

Paintwork Giallo Triplo Strato is a £15,600 option and the brightest paint shade in the SF90 palette, so if you see the Spider UK press car, you should certainly notice it. It also disguises the apparently de-rigueur ‘Scuderia shields’ on the front wings (which we only had at the twist of an arm).

Wheels Matt Grigio Corsa 20in alloys don’t look as fussily formal as the two-tone black-and-chrome ones. They’re fashionable enough, being darker-toned, but not glossy – and I’m hoping they will hide dirt. a bit.

Seats Charcoal-coloured leather-Alcantara upholstery should be nicely matched to the car’s wheel colour, while yellow stitching should pick up on the body colour when the roof is down.

Exhaust Titanium tips for the pipework are extra (£1440), but we went for grey rather than black to match the colour theme elsewhere.

Ferrari’s bespoke design programme

“The Atelier [studio] is for all of our customers,” explains Greypaul Ferrari’s Richard Thompson, “but the really exciting, personalised stuff is offered within our Tailor Made programme.” This is the service through which Ferrari can mix special paint colours and commission unique trim materials for ultra-demanding clients. There are limits to what it can do (golfer Ian Poulter had his car’s interior fitted out with his own special golf tartan check, although apparently not quite in every area he would have liked), but most requests are accommodated where possible.

“People can literally just ask for whatever they want,” says Thompson. “We’ve had customers ask for denim upholstery, instead of leather or Alcantara, to match an item of clothing they loved. We’ve had leathers dyed in particularly bright colours that aren’t normally available. I did hear a rumour that someone had snakeskin on the lower dash of his car. Stuff like that tends to need to be in areas where it won’t fade in direct sunlight – but if it’s possible, we will look into it.

“Names and monograms are popular. There was one customer who wanted Enzo Ferrari’s autograph on his car, which I think the factory had to turn down. They will also say no to anything obscene on a plaque or stitched into a seat. But initials on seats and sills are quite commonly done. I’ve known someone have the team’s F1 drivers sign the carbonfibre of his car and then have those autographs lacquered over.