Koenigsegg to build futuristic new factory for Gemera hyper-hybrid

Koenigsegg to build futuristic new factory for Gemera hyper-hybrid

Koenigsegg has shown off its plans for a large factory expansion that will significantly boost production capacity and play host to all aspects of its business operations. 

Designed primarily for building the new four-seat, plug-in hybrid Gemera hyper-GT, the 30,000sqm space will feature a number of spaces dedicated to both production and customers.

The new site, connected to Koenigsegg’s existing factory and offices, will be built on the former runway of the converted Swedish Air Force airfield where the firm has built cars since 2003.

The main feature of the new facility is an “open but expandable” space that will serve as a production line and a space for developing new technologies.

The announcement comes just a year after Koenigsegg established a second 10,000sqm facility.

The company intends to hire another 100 engineers and 150 production staff by the end of 2023 to supplement its expansion, which will bring its total employee head-count to almost 800. 

It also plans to add a number of other facilities as part of its expansion. A new customer lounge will allow buyers to choose their car’s specification on a full-sized virtual model and a live event space will be used to unveil new cars. 

An on-site test-track will allow Koenigsegg to test both prototypes and customer cars prior to delivery, while an experience centre will host tours of the factory.