Lamborghini to launch four-seat EV crossover and electric Urus

Lamborghini to launch four-seat EV crossover and electric Urus

Following the launch of this four-seat crossover, the larger Urus SUV will go all-electric for its second-generation. “After the hybrid car, the Urus will be fully electrified,” Winkelmann confirmed, adding that it will be “a completely new car” in its next generation, with no plans for a combustion-engine offering. 

This all-electric Mk2 Urus is likely to arrive in 2029, but it is not clear if the current generation, which will be updated next year and hybridised the year after that, will remain on sale until then.  

Winkelmann suggested that opting for a more mainstream-friendly crossover positioning for its first EV will make it easier for the brand to maintain its enthusiast appeal in other segments. “A the end of the day,” he said, “it’s a more versatile car than the Urus, so less affected by the purist approach of Lamborghini, which we have in the super-sports car business.”

Lamborghini remains committed to its supercar offering, and will usher in hybridised successors to the Aventador and Huracán in the next two years. 

Winkelmann suggested there may even be a means of sustaining their combustion engines in the longer term, too: “We don’t know what is going to happen after that. It could be that for the super-sports car business, we have an extended period of hybridisation if this is allowed by homologation, sustainability rules and maybe by synthetic fuels. This is a door we are leaving open, so far.”