Life at the wheel with a car delivery driver

Life at the wheel with a car delivery driver

Tiredness is the deadliest enemy

“There are times when you’re constantly fighting against sleep. There are only so many cans of Red Bull you can drink. Sometimes, though, you can’t fight it and have to pull over. I was sleeping in a lay-by recently and woke up to find a truck had parked with its trailer almost touching the front of my car. For a moment, I thought I had drifted off and woken up still driving and was about to ram the back of it. Instinctively, I slammed on the brakes. I was wide awake after that.” 

Don’t talk to me about truckers

“Police target drivers like me with trade plates, because they know we have deadlines to meet and therefore assume we’re speeding. They should pay equal attention to truckers, because I see them on their breaks drinking beers and playing the slot machines at the service stations. Police should be pulling them over to breathalyse them as well as make a judgement about whether they’re too tired to drive.”

The pros and cons

“I’m tired, I don’t eat well, I rarely exercise and I have to fund all my expenses up front and claim them back, which can be tough. But I do get to drive nice cars…

Paul’s tips for working as a driver

Expenses: “You’re only doing the job for the money, so it’s important that it’s not at your expense. Choose a company with a proper expenses policy that includes travel expenses and essential accommodation and which provides you with a fuel card to avoid you having to pay up front for fuel.”

Schedules: “A well-planned collections and deliveries schedule is key. How many miles does the firm expect you to travel in a day? What mileage allowances does it calculate for jobs? And does it consider travel time between places when no car is available?”

Management: “Avoid managers to whom you’re just a number. You want someone who remembers your name and who treats you with respect.”