Man seen throwing paint thinner on cars in Atlanta | News

Man seen throwing paint thinner on cars in Atlanta | News

ATLANTA (CBS46) — Two residents in Atlanta are searching for answers, after seeing their cars vandalized early Friday morning. They don’t recognize the suspect who used paint-stripping material.

“It’s devastating to walk outside and see every one of your vehicles damaged,” said Rebekah Falkler. 

Falkler provided surveillance footage of the vandalism. 

“I couldn’t believe I saw the guy in action – I couldn’t walk down the stars fast enough,” said Marnie Smith. 

Their Ring camera around 5 a.m. Friday detected some suspicious activity in their driveway at Cumberland Road in the Morningside-Lenox Park area.

“There was somebody throwing some sort of liquid – we couldn’t tell what it was at the time – on our vehicles,” said Falkler.

Smith screamed through the intercom, but the suspect ran.

“It was a male wearing a mask,” said Falkler. “A snow hat, he was obviously was covering up who he was.”

They said they did not recognize the person. With three cars damaged, they think it’ll be at least $10,000 to repair.

“It completely removes paint, from the vehicle. The trim is messed up, the paint all over the vehicle is messed up, so it’ll be a full paint job,” said Falkler.

The pair are willing to offer a reward for information if the person is caught.

“I’m very grateful to have this opportunity to tell you this story,” said Smith. “We really just want to see if anyone can recognize who this person is.”