Men arrested in connection to numerous car thefts

Men arrested in connection to numerous car thefts

MEMPHIS, Tenn. ā€“ Memphis police say at least one pair of serial car thieves are off the streets.

MPD said Joshua Hughlett, 22, and Kavahsyus Wesley, 19, were arrested Thursday when they crashed a stolen car at Point Church and Hawkins Mill Road in Raleigh.

They said Hughlett was in possession of five stolen cars, including two found parked in his driveway back in December. They also found other stolen items and weapons in his home.

Wesley is also accused of running from police in another stolen vehicle earlier this month. He know facing a slew of charges including evading arrest, theft of property and possession of a prohibited weapon.

Joshua Hughlett, 22 (left) and Kavahsyus Wesley, 19 (right)

Hughlett and two others were charged in a roadway shootout in Shelby County in January of 2020.

Shelby County Deputies said two different cars were speeding down Shelby Drive, near Hacks Cross.

They said Hughlett and two men with him were in a stolen car. At the time, Hughlett already had six prior cases on his record, including felony theft.

During a public safety town hall meeting Thursday night, Memphis Police Chief CJ Davis said officers had made a significant arrest of individuals committing the same crimes over and over.