Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 Review (2021)

Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 Review (2021)

Owing to the weight, there’s substantial inertia in corners. However, the variable qualities of the four-wheel drive system, which allow up to 100% of drive to either the front or the rear, ensures grip from the upgraded tyres remains strong on most surfaces.

Overall balance is very impressive and quite rear-biased when you begin to push. There’s also great traction when you deploy those generous reserves with an earnest stab of the throttle on the exit to corners.

When you do overstep the limits, the electronic stability program is very quick to react with automatic braking of individual wheels and rapid redeployment of power to trim your line and help to keep you out of trouble.  

With its own unique suspension tuning, the EQS 53 is better tied down than the EQS 580. However, there’s quite a bit of body roll at times. At least this movement is clearly communicated and quite progressive in the way it builds, allowing you to anticipate it and take action accordingly.

Less distinguished is the ride quality. The air-sprung underpinnings are quite firm, even in Comfort mode. This leads to a degree of harshness and quite a lot of vertical movement when the road surface is less than smooth, particularly at the front end, which fails to mask high-frequency bumps at speed with great distinction.

There’s also a significant amount of tyre roar compared with the standard version of the EQS, too.   

Another concern centres around brake feel. While the upgraded system, using six-piston callipers up front and two-piston callipers at the rear, is tremendously powerful in its ability to haul up the EQS 53, the action of the pedal leaves a lot to be desired. The weighting is inconsistent and it lacks meaningful feel.

With its battery supporting charging at rates of up to 200kW, the EQS 53 can be charged in as little as 30 minutes by a high-powered charger. With WLTP-certified energy consumption between 2.56 and 2.94 miles per kWh, overall range is put at 318 to 364 miles.