NASCAR tests 'Next Gen' cars final time in Arizona before season opens

NASCAR tests ‘Next Gen’ cars final time in Arizona before season opens

Avondale feels like a city still under the influence of a championship haze. Nestled between the Estrella Mountains, an energy exudes from Phoenix Raceway and intoxicates the town of nearly 85,000 months after Kyle Larson and the NASCAR Cup Series left their mark.

The thunderous roar of stock car engines booming from the diamond in the desert aren’t echoes from the past, but rather the wind of change.

Close to 6,000 spectators flocked to Phoenix Raceway on Tuesday to get a first-hand look at the future of NASCAR. After three years of development, the sport’s premier series is receiving a much needed facelift in the form of the aptly labeled “Next Gen” car.

The seventh generation stock car comes loaded with promises of providing the most radical and progressive changes the sport has seen in decades. Phoenix became the site of one final test to apply knowledge accumulated after three years of development.