Nearly new buying guide: Peugeot 2008

Nearly new buying guide: Peugeot 2008

Speaking of which, step inside and you will be greeted by opulence. The build quality is excellent, with premium-feel, soft-touch materials that match those in the Audi Q2. 

Practicality, on the other hand, isn’t the car’s strong suit, as the 2008 is only slightly bigger inside than a family hatchback. The lack of physical buttons to change the air conditioning settings will be off-putting for some, as might the oddly shaped, low-set steering wheel.

The driving experience is generally pleasant, with the soft suspension handling smooth motorways and winding A-roads easily. That said, the Skoda Kamiq and Volkswagen T-Roc are comfier still, while the Ford Puma is considerably more dynamic, with more responsive handling. 

Need to know

Trim levels for the 2008 were recently realigned. If you buy a very recent used example, they’re Active Premium, Allure Premium, GT and GT Premium. Equipment levels are largely similar to the four original trim levels. 

Prices for a used 2008 start at £17,000 for the smaller, 99bhp engine. Expect to spend more than £20,000 for one with our favourite 128bhp unit or as much as £29,000 for a 153bhp car with a high specification. An e-2008 will cost at least £27,000. Many of those with range-topping trims top £30,000.