New 2022 BMW i4 v Porsche Taycan video review: The world's best fast EV?

New 2022 BMW i4 v Porsche Taycan video review: The world’s best fast EV?

The Porsche Taycan has become our default choice as an EV sports saloon because, above all else, it still drives like a Porsche.

But might that change with the arrival of the BMW i4, particularly in this fast, four-wheel drive M50 specification, which pits the quickest i4 more or less against the lowliest Taycan. 

The BMW i4 M50 makes 536bhp from two electric motors, can go from 0-62mph in 3.9sec and has a 140mph top speed. Its 80.7kWh battery means the range is 259-324 miles and it has a maximum charging speed of 200kW. With a liftback hatch, it’s also arguably more practical than the Porsche. The BMW i4 M50 costs £63,905.

This base Porsche Taycan (with Performance Battery Plus) is our favourite variant of our favourite EV. Rear-drive only it has 375bhp (469bhp on overboost) and 484lb ft of torque. 

It’s slower accelerating than the BMW. The Taycan can go from 0-62mph in 5.4sec but with a two-speed transmission has a higher top speed, 143mph. Its 87.3kWh battery gives it a range of up to 301 miles and it can be charged at up to 270kW. The Taycan costs £76,899 with the Performance Battery Plus.

Which is better? Join Matt Saunders and Matt Prior as they find out.