New 2022 Morgan 3 Wheeler to be revealed on 24 February

New 2022 Morgan 3 Wheeler to be revealed on 24 February

Many details, such as the main instrument and fascia design elements, draw heavily on the best-loved features of the outgoing model. 

Wells is well aware that 3 Wheeler owners “do extraordinary things” with their cars, including long-distance touring holidays and expeditions. The new model will therefore cater to this more effectively, with convenient mounting brackets for luggage racks, cameras, lights and a variety of windscreens. A “huge” range of racks, mirrors, luggage cases and panniers will be offered as options, too. 

Radical graphics are already a familiar feature of the 3 Wheeler, but Wells said his design team is ready to hit new heights of invention. 

One item unlikely to be offered is a roof, although owners will be able to buy fabric tonneau covers and possibly a hard half-tonneau that will effectively turn the car into a snug single-seater. 

Although the styling is entirely new, the relationship with the old 3 Wheeler is clear. This isn’t a classically streamlined car, but much attention has been paid to aerodynamics. (The small frontal area and the act of moving the engine inside the car help a lot here.) 

Perhaps the most prominent feature, though, is a pair of near-flat “diffuser plates” on the body sides. Wells said these have a number of key functions: to manage airflow along the body (including helping to extract hot air from two front-mounted radiators), to carry pannier mountings, to provide an ideal palette for graphics and “to add drama”. 

While acknowledging that the new 3 Wheeler might still be current when the government’s 2030 ban on new ICE car sales comes into effect, Morris said Morgan is “more likely to be a follower than a leader” in electrification. 

Five years ago, Morgan’s plans for the EV3 electric three-wheeler were scuppered when a key supplier failed to deliver. Even so, the new 3 Wheeler is “protected” for manufacture as an EV as much as it can be. “It’s not a priority,” said Morris, “but it’s on our radar.”