New Chrysler Airflow concept previews brand's all-EV future

New Chrysler Airflow concept previews brand’s all-EV future

A series of screens in the front and rear can be configured individually to suit each occupant and interfaces can be shared to other screens with simple swiping gestures. Each seat is also equipped with a camera to enable occupants to participate in video conferences.

The concept is also capable of level three autonomous driving capabilities, using so-called STLA AutoDrive technology, but it is unclear how soon this functionality could reach production.

Power is served up by a 201bhp motor on each axle, but Chrysler said the platform can accommodate larger motors, “offering the potential for future high-performance applications”. Battery capacity is unconfirmed, but the Airflow is claimed to be capable of between 350 and 400 miles per charge. 

Taking the form of a sleek, low-slung crossover – comparable in silhouette with the Ford Mustang Mach-E – the Airflow has been designed with a focus on aerodynamics to optimise EV range, while its long wheelbase and wide track are said to “enable a dramatic stance and deliver excellent handling and performance dynamics”. 

The lounge-style cabin layout is in keeping with the Airflow’s autonomous and connectivity potential. The wide-format central infotainment screen is flanked by a digital gauge cluster and an independent display for the front passenger, while a pair of independent seats in the rear take the place of a conventional bench.