New Citroen My Ami Buggy Concept is tiny electric off-roader

New Citroen My Ami Buggy Concept is tiny electric off-roader

Citroën has unveiled a new My Ami Buggy Concept that showcases a rugged off-road version of the tiny city car.

The French firm’s electric quadricycle has already been seen in passenger and commercial forms, and both are now available to order in the UK. The new concept shows a possible ‘liberated’ future buggy version of the machine and echoes beach buggy versions of the original Mini and Volkswagen Beetle.

The My Ami Buggy Concept gains a number of bespoke styling features commonly seen on hardcore off-roaders, including a roof-mounted spare wheel, chunky off-road tyres, bull bars and metal grille covers for the lights. The doors have also been replaced by tubular protectors, which feature storage bags that house rainproof canvasses to provide some protection from the elements if needed. 

There is also an LED light bar on the leading edge of the roof for use at night or in fog and it can be used to provide “a camp-fire atmosphere” when stationary. There is also a new ‘roof cap’ at the front of the windscreen to further shield the occupants from the sun.

Designer Samuel Pericles said the firm “looked for inspiration in the world of construction games for the fun and functional side” and “industrial design for ergonomics and aesthetics”.

Although Citroën said the concept is “an unrestrained expression” that isn’t designed for production, it has been designed to be “both realistic and effective”. 

The machine has also been designed with a range of possible customisation options, including chevron graphics that evoke those on the 19_19 concept car and the Ami One Concept. The words ‘Pilot’ and ‘Copilot’ are written above the driver’s and passenger’s seats respectively.

Inside, the vehicle features new seat cushions, in which the foam has been increased from 35mm to 70mm thick. The seats can be removed from the shell to be changed or washed. There is also a range of storage areas, including new-look dashboard storage bins, and the car comes with a special luggage set tailored to fit in specific areas of the car. 

There is also a camera holder that can be placed on four different anchoring points on the machines’s frames, removable external mirrors, a new-look smartphone clamp and a movable bottle holder. Many of the accessories have been 3D-printed so could be easily reproduced on demand.

Citroën has given no word on any production plans for a buggy version of the Ami.