Oakland police make arrests, impound cars after sideshow

Oakland police make arrests, impound cars after sideshow

Vehicle impounded by Oakland Police for sideshow activity

Oakland police arrested three people, recovered two firearms, and impounded three vehicles in response to an illegal sideshow that officers say turned violent over the weekend. 

Police estimate that 100 vehicles and nearly 200 spectators gathered on Saturday just before midnight. 

According to the OPD, when officers arrived at the scene they were met with laser pointers, rocks, fireworks, and thrown bottles.     

Oakland Police had anticipated possible sideshow activity over the weekend and posted a warning to participants on Twitter saying that “violent, disruptive and illegal behavior will not be tolerated.”     

Residents were encouraged to email sideshow information to sideshowtips@oaklandca.gov.     

Sideshows, which are illegal demonstrations of automotive stunts held without official permission, are a problem in many Bay Area cities. 

Vallejo has taken steps to confront sideshows by going as far as to outlaw even being a spectator at one of the impromptu events.