Opinion: 2022's new motorsport rules are no quick fix

Opinion: 2022’s new motorsport rules are no quick fix

That’s not to say change isn’t welcome. This year’s F1 season still featured some extremely dull races, after all, and the new rules are designed to reduce the chances of that happening.

It will be fascinating to see how all these championships play out with their new rules. Just don’t necessarily expect better racing straight away.

How it works: Formula E’s new qualifying format

A new knockout qualifying system will be used in Formula E next season, replacing the old group system that made the top drivers run early when track conditions were at their worst. 

From now on, two groups of 11 cars – still selected on championship order – will run in a pair of 10-minute sessions with 220kW (295bhp) of power. The fastest four from each will progress to a ‘duels’ stage – four quarter-finals featuring head-to-head battles against the clock with 250kW (335bhp) on tap; and then on to a pair of semi-finals and a final to decide who wins pole position. The losing finalist will line up second, the losing semi-finalists third and fourth, while the quarter-finalists fill slots five to eight. 

Of those who didn’t make it out of the group stage, drivers from the pole winner’s group will fill the odd-numbered slots in order of their times set and those from the other group will take the even-numbered slots. Fairer and easier to follow? Let’s see…

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