Portage County Administration Building

Portage commissioners hold off voting on cars for sheriff’s deputies

Portage County Administration Building

Portage County Commissioners held off approval of four used vehicles for deputies in the Portage County Sheriff’s Office, with one saying it’s too early in the year to start requesting additional funding.

JoAnn Townend, director of internal services, told commissioners that the sheriff’s office requested four used vehicles for detectives in the department. Commissioners held off voting on the request amid questions of where the funding would come from and who would be using the vehicles.

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The cost of the request is $49,699, Townend said, because the proposal also calls for four vehicles to be turned in. 

Townend said the original email requested the cars for the drug task force, but later, she was told that the vehicles would be driven by detectives, in a letter that named which detectives would be driving them.