Quattro v quattro - Audi's original meets e-tron GT: Autocar Heroes

Quattro v quattro – Audi’s original meets e-tron GT: Autocar Heroes

The original Audi Quattro both revolutionised rallying and cemented the famous four-wheel drive system in Audi’s road cars.

But do an original Audi Quattro and today’s electrified Audis have anything in common beyond four-wheel drive and quattro badging? 

We’ve gathered two together to find out. The first is an early Audi Quattro coupe, one of the terrific five-cylinder cars that spawned that rallying heritage.

The other is the very latest in 4wd Audis. So new in fact that it’s a battery electric vehicle, the Audi e-tron GT quattro, which – perhaps obviously – has a very different 4wd system to the original car.

But despite their mechanical differences, is there a thread that links the two? Join Matt Prior in a tech dive and review of the two cars.