Renault Arkana 2022 long-term review

Renault Arkana 2022 long-term review

However, the much-stretched wheelbase makes a huge difference to cabin space, with bags of leg room in the rear and decent head room, thanks to the diving rear roofline only really dropping steeply aft of the rear seats.

As well as the space, the kids are kept pretty happy by the number of powerpoints and the separate air- con controls back there – although it feels a bit cheap that the funky interior lighting, whose colour can be changed at the touch of a button, doesn’t stretch to the rear doors. 

At a glance, the boot looks to be a sensible shape and a decent size, although not exactly overgenerous. The combination of the (optional) spare wheel raising the floor and that sloping rear roof line means that the usable space is a long way off a conventional estate car – or indeed a conventional SUV.

Considering how often I need to carry a bootful, be it of dogs or family detritus, it remains to be seen whether I will be seduced by the Arkana’s style or be yearning to swap a bit of chic for boring practicality in the months ahead.

Second Opinion

I like the looks of the Arkana but came away a bit underwhelmed. There are some nice trim touches, such as the panels on the dashboard and doors, but there are hard plastics lower down where you rest your knee and the space is badly packaged, so the boot is really disappointing.