Road test yearbook 2021: October to December

Road test yearbook 2021: October to December

27 October, Volkswagen ID 4 GTX Max, three and a half stars: “GTX adds flavour to the ID 4 but doesn’t reimagine ‘GTI’ for the EV age.” Price as tested £55,735 Power 295bhp Torque 348lb ft 0-60mph 6.2sec 30-70mph 5.6sec Economy 2.6mpkWh


You could argue the cover star of our last issue in November had been a long time coming: the electric Rolls-Royce Spectre. Rolls-Royce had unveiled its first electric concept (the 102EX) a decade ago, but back then EVs just weren’t in the public consciousness. However, in 2021, the world’s axis has shifted and Rolls is understandably keen to not only react to that but also lead. The Spectre, due for release in 2023, should make that possible.

Our other big news in November was the launch of the digital

Elsewhere, it was a month of driving. Our annual Britain’s Best Driver’s Car shootout was a smorgasbord of 11 top cars, all tested over road and track with the mix of subjectivity and objectivity that Autocar has made famous. The winner was, by a unanimous verdict, the Porsche 911 GT3.

The car that finished third in that test had earlier in the month redefined some of our longest-held road test records. The Ferrari SF90, a technological force of nature, smashed both the outright acceleration and MIRA lap records in a day that will be brutally etched into the testers’ memories for years to come.

In Qualify mode and with the tyres suitably warmed, the SF90 hit 60mph in just 2.5sec, 100mph in 4.8sec and the standing quarter in 9.9sec. The previous quickest had been the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, which recorded 2.6sec, 5.0sec and 10.1sec. Nothing since that 2011 Bugatti test had got close until the Ferrari, and that includes cars like the McLaren P1 and Ariel Atom V8. As for the lap time, it completed MIRA’s Dunlop circuit 0.2sec quicker than the McLaren Senna. Who’d have thought that we’d be approaching winter and seeing those records being broken.

Piers Ward

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