Sacramento police investigating after at least 2 cars destroyed in explosions

Sacramento police investigating after at least 2 cars destroyed in explosions

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento police are warning the public about homemade bombs placed in at least two cars this past week, and FOX40 also obtained video of a third blast that could be related. 

Homeowners near Christian Brothers High School said a car exploded early last Wednesday. Now, people living in the area are afraid more explosions could occur.

The sound of the explosion was recorded on a home’s camera near the 34th Street and 22nd Avenue intersection.

By Sunday afternoon, ashes remained where the burned car sat.

Homeowners in the area didn’t want to talk on camera, but some said their homes shook during the blast.

Saturday, the Sacramento Police Department released a message about the two other explosions.

The first explosion happened on Sunday, Jan. 23 near 34th Street and 16th Avenue.

The second explosion happened Friday evening around 20th Avenue and 32nd Street.

“We thought someone had died … because of the big bang,” Octavio Hurtado told FOX40.

Sacramento police suspect the two incidents may be connected.

“They told us just to be careful, make sure we lock our cars. If we can, park inside,” Hurtado said.

Retired agent Anthony May has investigated many bombings for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

He said based on such little public information, it is too soon to know if this is the work of experts or amateurs.

“For them to make the statement that the bombings were similar, and similar devices indicate that they have pretty hard evidence that link both of the explosions to a similar type of device, May said.

Some homeowners told FOX40 police said they are aware of five explosions within the last week.

When asked about Wednesday’s blast and how many explosions they are investigating, police said they had no further information to release.