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Shaq generosity on display, gives $1,000 tip and cars away

Shaquille O’Neal has been known for being very kind and generous, both during his playing career and afterward. This week, that was on full display as O’Neal surprised the Collins family and others with numerous gifts.

Karissa Collins is the owner of the popular Instagram account ‘The Collins Kids,’ which consists of her nine children. She is expecting her 10th child as well. The social media influencer revealed on Tuesday that O’Neal changed her and her families life this week, in multiple ways.

As the twitter thread expands on, Shaq initially took the Collins family out to dinner at Babe’s Chicken. The following day, O’Neal took the family to the Mercedes Benz dealership and purchased a brand new 15-person passenger van. Apparently the family had outgrown their old van.

After purchasing the car, Shaq took them to out to dinner once again. He took them to Rainforest Cafe. This time, he spread the love around. O’Neal paid for another table’s entire meal while he was there, and according to Karissa Collins, Shaq gave their waitress a $1,000 tip.

But that’s not all.

After dinner, O’Neal got a glimpse of Karissa’s husband’s truck. The heat and air conditioning had been failing lately. So, Shaq took them to a Ford dealership and purchased Mandrae Collins a new truck.

If Shaquille O’Neal is not the embodiment of a gentle giant, then what is?


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