Silence by name, silence by nature: the firm reinventing the scooter

Silence by name, silence by nature: the firm reinventing the scooter

“It’s quite hard to paint a very precise picture of who the consumer customer is because they come from many different places,” he says. “But it’s quite easy to identify who the business targets are. We’ve got about seven or eight trials going on at the moment, with business looking at the uptime, service and overall ability of our products.”

The importance of education

Educating consumers on electric vehicles is an important part of the ongoing adoption of EVs. Edwards said that test rides were an important way for consumers to learn the benefits of owning an electric scooter, as well as ironing out any concerns over range.

“Just like the electric car market, some people are concerned about range anxiety, and we’ve had a couple of customers who wanted to buy a scooter but want two batteries,” says Edwards.

“The battery costs about 40% of the total price of the bike. We don’t mind selling new batteries because we can make more money, but our stance is take the bike, live with it for a month with one battery, and if after a month you want another one we’ll sell one to you. So far no one’s come back to us and said they want an additional battery.”

The future of Silence UK

Edwards was confident that after a challenging start in 2021, Silence would be a ‘leading bike brand’ within the market.